About us

Trakia EOOD is a direct successor of Trakia OOD, registered in Stara Zagora in 1993. As can be seen from the Court’s judgment, the partners’ initial number is 10 and gradually decreases to three. Subsequently, a decision is made for the transformation of the company into Trakia EOOD, and all the consequences are legally settled. Today, the sole owner of the company is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Aleksandrov Santulov. The company’s overall development for 26 years is evident in the Commercial Register.

The company’s activities are varied, but its efforts were mainly focused on the sphere of education and publishing. The company is the founder of the first private vocational school after 1989 and the first private academic publishing house in the period of the democratic changes in Bulgaria – “Idea” Publishing House. The company later founded “Telematika” Professional College in Stara Zagora, which was closed in 2010.

After the emergence of Trakia EOOD, the company ceased its educational activities and froze the publishing company by focusing its efforts on real estate investment and construction. Thus, investment and commercial activities became a priority for the company.

For many years, Trakia EOOD has financed its activity through bank loans and has always been an accurate payer. This fact is reflected in the company’s excellent credit rating.